• Roman Shi TK12S-10-213 3-In-1 charger/data cable

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    As we all know، one of the most widely used and essential peripherals in daily life is the charging and data transmission cable. In the market of digital accessories، you can find different designs، colors، and shapes of these charging cables. One of the most widely used and popular of these products is multifunction or multicore cables. This product is Roman three-in-one cable model Shi TK12S-10-213، which in addition to beautiful and elegant appearance، meets several needs of people well. Aluminum alloy connectors of this product are of high quality and are resistant to rust and corrosion. The body of this cable is made of thick and very durable nylon، which is very flexible and durable against knots and bends and does not break or tear easily. Other main advantages and features of this product include a head equipped with two USB ports that you can connect two cables to it at the same time and use it safely and without worrying about changing the input voltage. One of the things that are important for many people when buying a charging cable is its fast charging capability. This product، with its fast charging feature، charges all your devices in the shortest time and without worrying about device battery failure. The head of this charger can be used in different countries with different power voltages from 110 to 240 volts، and you only need a converter to do this.

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